TV ABOVE THE FIREPLACE? Is it possible to place the TV above the fireplace? Is there a risk of damaging the device? In this  in-depth..

New! Deflector - TV SAVER

We introduced a new element to semplify the job of the professionals who choose our products. Our technical office often receives projects, with request for approval, in which y..


Nowadays the benefits of Aromatherapy are well known to everybody, but it’s not easy to decide which scent to choose to get a specific result . We’ll analyze this topic late..

The importance of quality

The importance of quality Quality during the design phase Each model of our fireplaces is thought and imagined to be beautiful, modern, remarkable, but ov..


Our ancestors , after hunting for days covering kilometres on foot to escape their enemies or large predators, returned to their camps. They sat before the fire, in silence, for hours...

System built bioKamino

Front fixing  with wall plugs and screws for plasterboard Removable in minutes Top ceramic fiber insulation Coatings for high&n..

BKBF built-in line - Designed for professionals

BKBF   is the bioKamini built-in bioethanol fire line designed specifically for professionals , architects, builders, renovators and anyone wanting to enjoy a fire..

Bi-Fuel fireplace - wood/bio-ethanol
An extra advantage for your fireplace.

Do you already have a traditional wood fireplace and don’t think you could be interested in bioethanol? If you have a traditional wood fireplace, having a bioKami..

Installing a bioKamino

Installing a wall bio-fireplace bioKamino is simple and quick, without requiring any expertise. It takes just 15 minutes, following the manual instructions. Bioka..

BIOETHANOL BURNERS why such different prices?
Let us try to explain...

The bioethanol burner is the most important element in a bio-fireplace.  The importance of an element that must guarantee safety and durability is often underestimated when purchas..

What is Bioethanol

Bioethanol is a biological alcohol of plant origin. It is produced from plant substances used as bio-fuels (or plant fuels). It is an energy source of plant origin that be..

100% Made in Italy

BioKamino fireplaces are fully made in Italy with quality workmanship and industrial technologies. Special care dedicated to material quality and safety in a devic..

BioKamino advantages

No need of chimney or other system to work. No permission needed to purchase. No installation costs. No ash, smoke, unpleasant odours, soot. They ar..

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