The decorative bioethanol fireplace is the new trend of furniture all over Europe, the effect of a real flame without chimney installation , no smoke, ash and soot make it a sophisticated and versatile furnishing accessory that completes and enhances fire appeal in any environment.

bioKamino made in Italy



In the new Automatic Burner lies the best cutting-edge technology, reliability and ease of use.   TECHNOLOGY The Automatic burner is based on 3 main t..


Our ancestors, after hunting for days covering kilometres on foot to escape their enemies or large predators, returned to their camps. They sat before the fire, in silence, for hours. They were relaxing after extremely stressful situations, emotionally preparing themselves to return to normal tribal life. And that is how it is today. A man comes home from work and has this ancestral instinct, the need for minimum space: the TV, a videogame or hobby, are all palliative. Above all, he needs silence and a fire to stare at. It’s still there in our DNA, the hypnotic and relaxing power of fire is an irreplaceable experience.


 A starting point for your next design project

 Inspiration to fuel your creativity

 A sustainable solution that doesn't skimp on style

 An answer to satisfy even the most demanding customers

 An opportunity to wow with the most original designs



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